Top Quotes from Chrissy 2008

There’s something to be said about the entertainment factor of one’s spouse. Mine is occasionally most amusing to watch – but always enlightening to listen to. As it’s nearing the end of 2008 – here is an assortment of Chrissy’s Top Quotes of this past year.
11 – “I’m going to join a choir. This is what I like – I like to sing in a choir, I don’t need to be in front – I don’t need to stand out! I already stand out, I got big boobs, a big mouth, black…”
10 – While watching a video online of some of the on board entertainment awaiting us during our upcoming Giddy Mystery Cruise – a Glass Blowing exhibit.
“You have all these people standing around watching him blow the glass…I’ve seen glass blowin’ real glass blowin”
9. Also speaking about the trip and the fact that young Amanda Giddy is old enough to gamble in the casino on board the boat… “So she has one bad thing she does, she gambles, so what?”8. Following a dog-sneeze… “The lord bless you and fucking keep you – yea!”

7. Me – following a recent food shopping trip Chrissy made – “You didn’t buy any of that organic shit did you?” Chrissy replies simply “No dickhead as a matter of fucking fact I got you lemon yogurt – so bite my black ass” Ahh, love, exciting and new.

6. I wrote this down because it made sense at the time… “If my hair don’t come we have another week.”

5. She then said this … “What are you gonna do now – write another goddammed quote down?”

4. Explaining why the dog kept banging her head on the table … “Cause she’s a steaming cup of asshole.”

3. Looking for a missing Christmas cd – and finding only a few that did not meet her impossibly high standards … “You have the world’s worst collection of Christmas Classics – it blows!”

A personal favorite – as she ran into some sort of difficulty with some chicken….

2. “I’m gonna wring my own damn neck!” 

And the overall top quote of 2008 –

1. Discussing the state of the economy….
“I sense a slippery slope ahead – filled with shit, particularly at the bottom of the hill we have to climb up.” 

This was all inspired by our new favorite quote – shouted loudly by Susie Essman on “Curb Your Entusiasm” the episode known as “Dollhead”…

Susie (to Jeff): Stop scratching your balls and tell me where it is! Alright, just get me the fucking head, alright?! Get me the fucking head, alright!? (To Larry and Jeff) Both of you, I’ve had it! You four-eyed fuck and you fat piece of shit! Get me the head!

Trust me, it’s much funnier in context – if you find a copy – send it to me, in the meantime – please enjoy this useless waste of time below.