I avoid engaging in political discourse here – and will continue to do so. It’s pointless. I have very strong opinions on our current state of affairs, I’m borderline obsessive frankly. But reality is, you don’t care who or what I support, and, no matter…I can’t change what you think or believe, nor do I pretend to fool myself that I can.  Again, pointless. But the extreme negativity put forth before all of us on platforms such as this is wearing on me. Perhaps it is on you as well.

If I could offer a very basic view of what I see of us as a society it would be that one of our greatest failures has been that too many of us seem to insulate ourselves with only like minded people.  This drives extremism. This helps nothing.

It’s not just diversity of race, ethnicity and gender that we all need.  It’s a diversity of thought and philosophy.  Wouldn’t it serve us all well to gather as many different opinions and perspectives as possible before making a decision?

We don’t make the effort however, too busy. (Not really, too lazy is more like it.) Do us all a favor…look at every issue from every side available.  Look at every headline, click-bait and subject line with skepticism…not everything is what you’d like it to be.  Not everything fits nicely into your parties agenda.

Ya see, sometimes the truth falls somewhere in the middle, where most of us reside.  Always, it’s very poorly lit.

So please, look very closely.