All true – those meandering drafts, with an initial point of view and topic, but ultimately unworthy of share to the 4 or 5 of you who actually visit this site and read any of this shit.

At last count twenty eight thoughts unfinished. Twenty eight goals un-achieved. Twenty eight more reasons I should have just gone to bed.  Twenty eight distinct points in time that rendered itself wasteful in all it’s glory. Twenty eight potential ideas relegated to eternal consideration.

Twenty eight steaming piles of shit.

Most of them designed in some manner to address the matter at hand. The current state of the world, both near and far.  No matter where you look it seems to be filled with nothing less than pain and woe. Thinking it’s probably time to stop buying into that. Sort of like getting to the point where one simply stops giving any fucks.  None at all.

This evening the lovely wife and I took a few steps back into the more or less recent past.  Seven to nine years ago or so by way of some recently uncovered video evidence.  So much fun. Sad at the same time.

We discovered the same thing that most everyone of a certain age does all of a sudden.  That we’ve forgotten so much more than we recall of the near past.  Where does it all go – the everyday little victories all seem to fade into oblivion much too easily as we grow older. It’s only when we’re shocked with evidence of the happiness we once enjoyed that we realize that we’ve taken a vastly different seat on our current journey.

As we grow older we all seem to be chasing backwards more than forward.  We all pine for a time when life was so much simpler, easier, less stressful.  It’s the realization that dreams are little more than memories any longer.  It comes upon us without warning, but it comes upon us all. I’m happy in that closer inspection leads to the realization that most of my past is documented in some form or another. My intention for the few remaining lucid years I may have left is to document it all in some format that may entertain others besides myself.

The current events of today batter us all down to dark places we would prefer not to be. It’s those with strength, resolve and drive that are able to rise above the fray at hand.  Some of us need a little help pushing through as our own history has left many among us battered and torn.  But we’re counting on you – those who are ready to face the challenges life brings your way with fire and vigor – to lend a hand to us who strived before you, and forged a path to provide you with your privelidged lifestyle – as we recognize the need for your help.