March 26, 2016

Logo 4Recently voicing my concerns about what I felt to be a superfluous purchase by Christine she replied saying “I know you’re not made of money, you’re made of angst and woe.”  Yup.

I know most people know me to be a generally happy-go-lucky kinda guy.  Ya know, always smiling and in a good mood, spreading positive vibes with whomever I come in contact with.  But for the past few years I’ve sensed that glowing description fade slowly to black.  Resulting in the now more typical J.Giddy – troubled, cranky and downright crotchety.  Life and the effort involved had left me befuddled.  Sorta just going through the day waiting for someone to annoy me or disrupt my plans for the moment.

Then I remembered that back in the day I used to have an outlet to release all of my angst and woe and be done with it.  I’d spew my random thoughts, observations and theories in a forum reserved for one of my many alter-egos; Bonehead.

Actually was a pretty popular site – I’d had some time to enhance its following as it was active during two separate points in time a little over a year apart where I was sitting out a severance period.  (That’s a fancy way of saying I was lousy at my job and got canned.  Twice.)  Lot’s of visitors, comments, fans…it was surreal at times.

But, then I found another job, cause I’m resourceful that way.  Life got pretty busy and I found myself drifting away from trying to keep up with the site, and it’s promotion.  Eventually, I stopped going to it at all, and soon it stopped being available as we took it down in favor of more profitable opportunities.

A few years pass. Suddenly something triggered a memory of a certain essay I had written, so I set out looking for it in my backups.  Couldn’t find it, seemed it didn’t exist.  Then I looked deeper into my backups and tried to put dates together in my head (no easy feat mind you) and realized…there were at least a couple of months of articles that I had never backed up.  I remembered several of them were actually not half bad.  But the site was gone, so I assumed I was shit out of luck.  Bonejob.

Some internet sleuthing however from Christine discovered the original site living on the Wayback Machine internet archive.  She then created this site and, through a boatload of cutting and pasting, we were able to re-create over 130 original posts and essays from Bonehead.  We scrapped over 100 more as they fell into categories we classified as incredibly offensive, really sucks, just plain wrong and what the fuck was I thinking.

Most of the creative and morally reprehensible links have been disabled, and the meaningful music videos added to most of the original posts have been removed for the sake of laziness.  But trust me, they were pretty clever.  Also gone, sadly, are the comments from my Bonehead readers…you lose much in an archive, so feel free to join in and tell me how awful you find most of this blather to be.  Eventually I may respond, most likely in a rude and obnoxious manner.  Trust me, it’s part of the charm.

I’m hoping too that the occasional moment provides me with the opportunity to put out something new once in a while.  God knows I need the creative outlet to dispel my demons in order to return to my more pleasant state of being.  In real life.

Remember Hemingway’s wise words: “It is good to have an end to journey toward; but it is the journey that matters, in the end.”

I hope to have laid out part of mine in a way you’ll find entertaining. It gave us a few laughs through some hard days…so in the end, I guess it was worth the effort.