Bonehead was born late one Friday night sometime in April, 2003 at an old dining room table in a townhouse apartment in Bellport, New York.

The offensive pseudonym of the immortal satirist J Giddy.

Full disclosure – we don’t live in Bellport any longer and my name isn’t really J.Giddy either.

Who I actually am is completely irrelevant to this story anyway.

Today I am simply confronting an inconvenient truth – that is that I have sold out and am going back to work.  Believe it or not there exists an organization willing to hire the immortal J.Giddy to a full time position.

I know – sell out.  I’ve spoken about getting laid off and the opportunity I had to make a difference, and do my own thing.  It wasn’t bullshit, but I discovered I don’t really have enough drive at this point in my life to start over. I like the paycheck.

I spent about seven months working at home, trying to find my real niche.  I found pieces of it scattered to and fro, but never really got it all together.

I need to be in radio or media – probably till I drop dead.  It’s just what I do.

I may have just landed the last available decent job in radio – in about 3 days I’ll begin running a couple of local New York stations that have some tremendous upside.  I think sometimes about what I’ve envisioned myself as doing as I approach my fiftieth birthday, this is one of those things.

There’s a harsh reality to this.

I’ve worked at home since July first of last year.  That’s seven fucking months of getting up as soon as the hangover has passed.  Seven months of complete autonomy.  Seven months of working at home, with my wife.

Without question, they’ve been about the seven happiest months of my life.

How lucky am I to have had the opportunity to set up a plan for a home-based business with the person I most enjoy spending time with.

How lucky am I to have had seven months spent laughing with my best friend pretty much all day, every day.

How lucky am I to have a partner, a friend, a wife who encourages me to follow my dreams, and is so genuinely proud of me every day?

I even got to spend six weeks with Junior Miss Giddy during her winter break home from college.

There’s a moment, actually an hour, every day (well Monday-Friday really) that I like to think of as the “Golden Hour”.  Our home workday will generally find Chrissy with her laptop downstairs and me upstairs in the office.  Generally, I’d close my day out at about 5:30 or 6pm.  I’d disengage my laptop from the docking station and move down to the kitchen.

That’s where Chrissy was set up at the kitchen table, and was probably either skyping friends or preparing some recipe that she’d found somewhere online.  Junior Miss Giddy would be there when she was home too – managing the multiples of text messages to her phone and waiting to be entertained. And fed.

I’d plug into the wall, grab some wireless network access and catch up with my blog comments, or hers, and flame some of our brain dead friends on facebook.

Best part is that it always led to some crazy dinner discussion, and was just a fun hour to catch up.

For these things, I’m the luckiest man on the face of the earth.

Going back to work I worry about missing these daily routines that I’ve grown so accustomed to in so short a period of time.

These seven months will always live fondly in my memory.  I had the great opportunity to make some friends here in the world of blogging, and I’ve had opportunity to relax my mind into my version of a creative machine that in years past I could have only dreamed of.  If only I could make a living at it, but alas – we dream.

I’m jumping in head first into this new gig.  I sincerely hope to be able to keep up with Bonehead at least a few times per week.  It’s become so much more a part of me than I ever imagined.

I expect I’ll have plenty to say about the stresses and adventures that new workdays bring – heck maybe I’ll even return to my cynical ranting ways.  Nah – that’s old Bonehead, before the sabbatical!