So we’re taking this family vacation in January. One night, on a lark Mrs.and Junior Giddy decided it would be a hoot to spend more of Dad’s money while he simply sat with his beer watching a Giants pre-season game. So while I reclined in the ass-grove of my couch – these two hooligans went ahead and booked us on a cruise – on a big friggin’ ship.

Welcome to the Giddy Mystery Cruise. Great idea there.

I visited Canada in 1984. A year later – Loverboy disbanded.

I visited St. Croix in 1988 – a month later the Island was virtually destroyed by a hurricane.

Chrissy was singing in San Francisco, upstaging Debbie Gibson in 1989. Two days after she left – the big earthquake hit.

In 2005 we celebrated the first part of our honeymoon in New Orleans.


Three weeks later Katrina hit.

Last January we spent a few days in Las Vegas. The day we left, a huge fire broke out on the top floors of The Monte Carlo, just across from where we were staying – and guests had to be rescued from the rooftop by helicopter.

Sense a trend here?

Everywhere we go disaster follows…..

it’s bound to catch up with us. This is why I think it’s a great idea to rent the tuxedo from the cruise-wear place (you get a black AND a white jacket!) and wear it the whole time. Save on packing – and you lose less when you have to abandon ship. Mrs. Giddy and I are still in discussion on this.

If nothing else, I’m hopeful that we all come back with some entertaining stories. I’m sure there will be plenty of opportunity for me to bore you with more of my inane ramblings as we decide just how much Dramamine to bring and which shorts make me look fat.

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